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Samsung SMART Signage TV for the Real World

See Samsung's SMART Signage TV in its actual usage environment for a better understanding of its key features and benefits and how it can help grow your business. Turn Your Business ON.
Danu CSA Indonesia : Goes to my channel, to see the Digital Signage Center in Jakarta

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inti pires : Is this ironic?
legit cant tell
Markets & Moto : now imagine having a facial recognition machine learning software installed such that you could scrape the internet to profile customers to have your displays recommend specific things based on their likes and trends
DMC Teknologi Indonesia : That's great ! We are also maker of touch panel.
CMS Media : So all you have to do is "place it on the wall" 2:06 huh? Does this thing have suction cups or something?
Diego Gnoatto : impossible! whats is the chance of someone upto a stoll holding a 42"" display have that happy smile ? 0
Johnny Cakez : I can't believe this is an actual samsung promo. And why is joji doing the narration?
JJ Aleman : Should I make a monthly payment for signage?
getddm getddm : You can turn any smartTV into a signage TV with DDM (Dynamic Digital Menu). Use mobile devices to create and control menu. Setup under 1 hour. One time cost. $199 -
Somie Maharaj : Can u install the smart hub?

Top 5 Digital Signage Trends from ISE 2018

Check out the the top 5 digital signage trends from ISE 2018. Profit from our insight as we decode what it means for your signage business. Learn more about 4K/8K display, Video walls, Interactive displays, QLED (Quantum dot LED) , digital signage markets and more from the show that attracts over 80,000 global visitors.
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Start Your Own White Labeled Tech Business in Digital Signage

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Video Website:
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Many ask us how to start reselling digital signage. Basically all you need is a website and some flyers to advertise your services. What are your services? You provide digital signage services, which means placing screens in high traffic locations, where there is dwell time and charging for ad spots. As well as providing digital menu services for restaurants who wish to switch to digital menu boards. They will rely on you to provide them with an affordable solution. Digital menu boards is a need, fast food restaurants rely on them to showcase their items, nutritional facts, food images and prices. We can set you up with a website and flyers for a small charge, or setup your own and start selling. Here are two short videos on how you can make six figures selling digital signage advertising as well as another six figures selling digital menu boards.


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